Carl and Lida Sloan

We were fortunate enough to retire in our forties to do creative work. Originally Carl was going to write and Lida was going to do travel photography. Lida was happily setting up to photograph when Carl came over. "Come over here - it's better over here. A little more to the left. No, down a hair. Wait - over a foot is a great spot." Out of self-preservation Lida bought Carl a camera. " Hon, this is your camera. Go play with it." So Lida was able to photograph the way she wanted, and Carl has gone wild creating images for years.

We're not sure if Fuji ever knew why sales of their film spiked and what a debt of gratitude they owed Lida.

Today, we have become computer artists using multiple advance techniques.

Our award winning photography has appeared in Photomedia, Animal Wellness Magazine, and the National Frontier Trails Center. Diverse usages of their work include book covers, galleries, private collections, website banners and even wallpaper design for a client in the Netherlands.

Lida is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Colorado College. Photography appeals to her sense of playful energy. Carl is a graduate of the University of Richmond. He is a chess expert who has won tournaments in eleven different cities across the country.

While their work is highly original, the painters Remedios Varo and Jackson Pollock have indirectly influenced their art. Varo boosted their natural enthusiasm for Magic Realism. Pollock’s work, which looks very different, was a technical influence. He dripped paint across canvas; the Sloans drag colored light across film. Carl and Lida have also been tutored in advanced photographic techniques by veteran professional photographer Lyle Leduc. And of course, Lida and Carl have greatly influenced each other.



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